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Beware the full moon! Tales of strange creatures in the night have always haunted our imaginations, and in the province of Quebec, the loup-garou is one of the most famous legends of all. Werewolf sightings may date back to the age of New France, but in July 1767, an article in the Gazette de Québec cautioned the public to be on the look-out for a loup-garou in the guise of a beggar. Either the creature or its legend was brought to these shores by settlers from France, where, several decades before, a werewolf “epidemic” had resulted in witch trials and executions. And a few years prior to Quebec’s famous loup-garou sighting, hundreds of deaths in southern France were attributed to the Beast of Gévaudan, prompting King Louis XV to place a bounty on the werewolf’s head. Is this shape-shifting creature cursed? The story changes depending on the raconteur. But the loup-garou isn’t limited to the province of Quebec: Acadians brought the legend with them when they re-settled in Louisiana, where the Rougarou is said to prowl the bayous and frighten misbehaving kids.


  • Individual coins ship in plastic flip sleeves; Multiples of 14 will ship in a plastic tube
  • Bestaat uit 2 oz 9999 Zuiver Zilver
  • Obverse: Features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Susanna Blunt along with the legal tender value, and year of issue
  • Reverse: Features a depiction of a fierce werewolf in front of a forest with the full moon in the sky along with the metal weight, purity, and country of issue


De Royal Canadian Mint staat bekend als één van de meest gerenommeerde munthuizen ter wereld. De Ottawa Branch van de Royal Mint opende zijn deuren in 1908 en werd omgedoopt tot The Royal Canadian Mint in 1931 toen de controle werd overgedragen aan de Canadese regering. De Royal Canadian Mint staat bekend om de productie van gouden en zilveren munten en baren van de hoogste kwaliteit en zuiverheid ter wereld. Hun hoge normen voor uitmuntendheid en kwaliteit zorgden ervoor dat zij in 1982 de eerste raffinaderij waren die gouden munten met een zuiverheid van 9999 goud produceerden, en in 1999 ook de eerste raffinaderij die een zuiverheid van 99999 goud bereikte.

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Royal Canadian Mint
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